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The situation of the deaf and hard of hearing persons in Hungary
Hundreds of thousands of people suffer from hearing loss in Hungary. Tens of thousands are fully deaf. Fortunately, modern hearing equipment can effectively help the majority of those with only partial hearing loss.

National Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (1907-)
SINOSZ is an organization formed by the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. SINOSZ has served both communities for over 100 years through direct assistance programs and advocacy. The work of SINOSZ is driven by our commitment to equal opportunity. Our vision is a world where the sign language of the Deaf is part of the national culture and where the deaf and those who have partial hearing loss are helped on the road to active social participation in national life.

The mission of SINOSZ
SINOSZ was established in Hungary in 1907 to secure social acceptance of people who are deaf or hard of hearing and to advocate for the establishment of education, employment and transportation conditions that promote independent living. Deaf and hard of hearing members and their friends and relatives and national and international experts help SINOSZ realize our goals.

SINOSZ provides the following services for deaf and hard of hearing children, adults, and their relatives, and for assistants and other professionals and NGOs working with them:


  • community – where you can make friends and meet others with hearing loss
  • assistance – professional consultation on rehabilitation
  • programs – useful spare-time activities, club programs
  • information – about special offers and assistance for deaf people and opportunities of employment, training and education
  • personal assistance – with your official matters
  • legal consultation – free legal assistance
  • translation – in order to help you communicate – for free
  • rent appliances – signalling units, receiver-transmitter units, technical units
  • courses – for the improvement of your communicative skills
  • newspaper – with updates on the events and news of the organization
  • links – to self-governments, other organizations working with the deaf and hard of hearing, distributors of hearing aid units, ambulances, audiology centers, services, employment offices and schools
  • recreation and sport – in our own recreation and sport facilities
  • transport assistance – our members receive various transportation assistance
  • publications – notes on communication courses, information materials


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